Monday, 20 June 2011

R.I.P Ryan Dunn Of Jackass Fame...

Earlier today I was shocked to hear that 34 year old 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn died in a car crash. The accident occurred when his Porsche careened over a road guardrail and into the woods before bursting into flames. The collision occurred at roughly 3:00 AM this morning (American time) on Pennsylvania's Route 322.

There was a second, as yet unidentified, body in the car at the time of the crash but only hours before the accident Ryan's Twitter account was updated with a photo of him and some friends with alcohol in their hands... obviously no one is saying this had anything to do with the crash at this point but speed is said to be the primary factor. It's also very sad to hear that Ryan was so badly burnt that he could only be identified by the few tattoos that were still visible on his body.

Having survived so many death defying stunts in his Jackass TV and movie career it's ironic that he died so young from a 'standard' car crash...

R.I.P Ryan :(

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