Friday, 3 June 2011

Who Will Die During Marvel's Fear Itself Storyline? POSSIBLE MAJOR SPOILER!


Having recently read an Avengers graphic novel (I can't remember its name) which puzzled me slightly with a future-based revelation about Bucky Barnes doing something major which offended/upset/disgusted the Avengers kids I was very sad and maybe a little perplexed to hear today that the current Marvel comics "Fear Itself" storyline may kill him off...

I think I'm safe in saying that fans have loved the new Bucky-Cap and Steve Rogers could have quite happily taken a permanent step back as the "Super Soldier"... But recently writer Ed Brubaker confirmed that Rogers will indeed re-assume the mantle of Captain America by July 2011... Bugger. Is that confirmation then? Sounds like it.

Lets hope Bucky's future awards him a worthy death/sacrifice and he doesn't go out in a forgettable and throw-away way... :(

UPDATE: 04/06/11:

Having just popped into work today I found the issue in question sitting on my desk... And I now feel slightly ill that I might have been right (it was kind of obvious). Look at the scanned comic page below.

Click on the pic to view it full size, I've made it small so those of you that don't want it ruined won't see it fully (even though I've already ruined it above!).

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