Friday, 22 July 2011

Quite Possibly The Coolest 8-Bit Picture Ever...

It's late and I'm very tired so I can't be bothered to locate the names of the artists that created this masterpiece (sorry guys), sufficed to say I think it's frickin awesome and as I can name about 90% of the characters found herein I feel even happier about how cool it is... I was going to list a whole bunch for you lot to find in the pic (not unlike 'Where's Wally' or 'Waldo' for the Americans) but I'll just say one: Xena Warrior Princess snogging Gabrielle. That one made me laugh... :P

Click on the pic for a bigger version and then scroll in a little to make it even bigger. Then you can have some fun finding dozens of movie, gaming and TV characters for the rest of your evening!!!

Failed Wonder Woman Pilot - 3 Newly Released Clips!

Here are 3 newly released clips from the cancelled Wonder Woman show pilot which will either confirm your thoughts that it was going to be totally crap, or make you very upset that you're not watching it every week for the next 3 years... Personally I think it would have been terrible, the action and jumping moments are poor to say the least and it looks way too unbelievable and camp for this day and age, but I still would have watched it religiously like I do for so many other shows that are considered under par!

Oh and the 3rd video is slightly NSFW with one particular word that Diana says a couple of time... Which made me smile for no apparent reason! :P

Apologies if these videos get taken down as the first batch I found have gone already!

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot -... by kahramanlarsinemada

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot -... by kahramanlarsinemada

Footage from failed Wonder Woman TV pilot by kahramanlarsinemada

Captain America: The First Avenger - New 'Motorcycle Chase' Clip!

Here's another Captain America: The First Avenger action clip, this time with motorcycles. Very James Bond with the gadget bike and Return of the Jedi speeder bikes with the action!

Cartoon Network LEGO Star Wars TV Special - Trailer

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Cartoon Network TV special featuring the Lego Star Wars characters.

I know my eldest will love this, and so will I! :P

Captain America: The First Avenger - New Avengers Costume Images!

Direct from the San Diego Comic Con come these images of Steve Rogers in his new Avengers costume and the actual movie costume itself on display, which of course looks totally awesome. Still wish the helmet wings were 3 dimensionally embossed!

Spider-Man: Edge of Time Video Game - Comic-Con Trailer

A brand new trailer here for Spider-Man: Edge of Time from the San Diego Comic-Con. Looks pretty epic but I'm sure it'll be just the same as the last few releases that came before it... All of which I've played and completed. :P

The Hobbit - New Image Of All 13 Dwarves Together!

13 Dwarves from The Hobbit all together in one hi-res image... I'm spent...

Click on the pic for a bigger version.

Wolverine 2 - Silver Samurai Confirmed?

Hugh Jackman confirmed during his surprise visit to SDCC this morning (promoting his latest movie Real Steel) that he'll be facing off against Silver Samurai in the 2nd Wolverine movie which starts filming in October. The sequel takes place in Japan but all other details regarding plot and timeline haven't been released at this time...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cool Pics From The Web...

You know the drill by now... Cool pics from the web. That is all.

John Carter (Of Mars) - First Full Trailer!

Well, this was unexpected... Knowing nothing at all about the source material of John Carter Of Mars (this movie simply being called "John Carter") I was surprised to see this trailer for what looks like a pretty epic sci-fi action movie... It reminds me of films like The Time Machine, Conan the Barbarian and Dune...

The Thing Remake - First Full Trailer

Here it is... The prequel (or remake, I'm not quite sure here) to the John Carpenter directed 1982 movie "The thing".

The first one used to freak the hell out of me and I'm sure this one will too by the looks of it!

The Pirates! Band Of Misfits - New Film From Aardman Animation - Trailer

Doesn't look funny at all, but this is the new movie from Aardman animation studios (Wallace and Gromit) called 'The Pirates! Band of Misfits' starring among others - Hugh Grant.

Note To Self: "Don't Spin Duck-Themed Amusement Park Tea Cup Rides Too Fast" - Video

A couple of guys decide to go a little wild spinning in one of those amusement park tea cup rides, except this “tea cup” is a big yellow duck, and it wants to fly South for the summer... Wow.

Fright Night Remake - New Trailer

No interest for me as I never saw the original and have a slight dislike for Colin Farrell...


Harrey Podder: Say The Magic Word (Wizadry Gone Wrong) - Funny Animated Video

Watch and smile at this funny animated video written, directed and animated by David Stodolny which features various Harry Potter magic moments gone wrong... Love the bunny Harry at the end saying "yes" after obliterating Voldermort!

Very slightly NSFW. :P

Live Action 'Frogger'! Man Tries To Cross Vietnamese Street - Video

Oh hell no... Count me out of crossing this road in Vietnam!

Afro Samurai Live Action Movie In Development!

Samuel L. Jackson is supposedly finally teaming up with 'Indomina Group' to make a live-action Afro Samurai movie based on the super-popular animated series and movies.

Said Jackson, “This has been one of my very favorite properties ever since our amazing debut at Comic Con with the original series pilot out of Japan. I can't wait to produce the epic feature film version with our new partners at The Indomina Group."

“When Indomina was launched, ‘Afro Samurai’ was quickly identified as the perfect property for us to option and exploit through our vertical channels targeted to a fanboy audience,” said Singh Mann. We never took our eyes off the property and are very pleased to not only have the opportunity now to make an extraordinary film, but to do it with Samuel L. Jackson, who is just as passionate about ‘Afro Samurai’ as we are. This is a perfect collaboration in the eyes of Indomina. We look forward to going to work with Sam and Gonzo on this and making something discernibly unique.”

Can't wait for this. The previous anime releases were simply amazing... I even got to go to the Afro Samurai: Resurrection talk at SDCC in 2008 and sit about 20 feet or so from the master 'Samuel L. Jason' himself! :P

Pizza Hut - India Does It Better With Bollywood Dancing Staff! - Video

"So. You'd like a stuffed crust with pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and some Bollywood-style dancing to 'Kala Chasma'? You got it"!

Futuristic In Car Multimedia System By Toyota 'Window To The World' - Video

If only this wasn't a concept and we could actually have something like this in our cars as standard...

Linda Hamilton Is Awesome! - Video

If you don't know by now there's been some stuff going on with soldiers asking out Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and Betty White to a ball...

It started off with Mila getting asked to the Marine Corps ball on Nov 18th 2011 via a Youtube video by Sgt. Scott Moore (which she politely accepted, after a bit of pushing) and then Justin Timberlake was asked by female solider Cpl. Kelsey De Santis. This was due to Justin being the one that cornered Mila with the first video making it almost impossible to say no to. Gutted Justin!

The most recent invitation was for dear old Betty White (Golden Girls) who was asked by Sgt. Ray Lewis... But Betty declined (of course she did, she's 89 years old!)...

So the awesomeness that is Linda Hamilton (Terminator 1 & 2) posted up a video asking the rejected Sgt. Lewis to take her instead as Betty's substitute. So playful and oh so "AWESOME"!!! :P

Here's that video:

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - New Character Roster Info

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is getting a massive update this November. Entitled 'Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3', the new release will sport eight new stages, a spectator mode, balance tweaks and 12 new playable characters including Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Nova and Rocket Raccoon, plus six new Capcom characters.

I'm a massive NOVA fan so that information alone is enough to excite me!

Here's the full roster with a vid below it:

Frank West
Phoenix Wright

Ghost Rider
Dr Strange
Rocket Raccoon
Iron Fist

Green Lantern Animated Series - First Video Clip!

It may look a little weird but I can't wait for this new Green Lantern CGI TV series!

The Hobbit - New Blog Video From Peter Jackson!

Getting quite addicted to these now!

This is the 3rd video blog from Peter Jackson giving us yet another amazing look behind the scenes of the upcoming and highly anticipated Hobbit movies!

Total Recall And Underworld 4 - Official First Images

One pic from the Total Recall reboot and one from the 4th Underworld ('Awakening') movies here for you.

Nothing special really, but it's always nice to see Underworld's Kate Beckinsale dressed up as Seline, the sexiest vampire of all time! :P

The Avengers - Teaser Poster

The trailer leaked online this week, and then was taken down almost immediately (not unlike The Amazing Spider-Man) but I'm sure it'll showcase online in the next few days due to the San Diego Comic Con. For now you'll have to make do with this extremely boring teaser poster!

Batman Live - Trailer And Poster

A full trailer here below for the Batman Live World Arena Tour.

Still not my cup of tea, but I'm sure it'll be great for those attending!

The Amazing Spider-Man - New Movie Trailer, Teaser Poster And Images...

As the films title suggests - 'Amazing'.

Looks like a main part of the storyline will focus on Peter's parents and their 'spy' backgrounds (maybe I'm wrong). Either way it looks pretty polished and the 'Mirro's Edge' styled first-person perspective part looks great.