Friday, 22 July 2011

Quite Possibly The Coolest 8-Bit Picture Ever...

It's late and I'm very tired so I can't be bothered to locate the names of the artists that created this masterpiece (sorry guys), sufficed to say I think it's frickin awesome and as I can name about 90% of the characters found herein I feel even happier about how cool it is... I was going to list a whole bunch for you lot to find in the pic (not unlike 'Where's Wally' or 'Waldo' for the Americans) but I'll just say one: Xena Warrior Princess snogging Gabrielle. That one made me laugh... :P

Click on the pic for a bigger version and then scroll in a little to make it even bigger. Then you can have some fun finding dozens of movie, gaming and TV characters for the rest of your evening!!!

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