Thursday, 7 July 2011

'Wonder Woman' Adrianne Palicki to Star in 'G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes'

Although news hit recently that the G.I. Joe movie sequel may not be named 'Cobra Strikes' after all (no idea what it will be, if not that) some real casting info hit the web this week stating that former one-time TV Wonder Woman - Adrianne Palicki has landed herself a role playing a character called 'Lady Jayne' (who was part of the cartoon series and a covert operations specialist with a talent for impersonation).

Palicki joins a cast that includes just a handful of returning franchise members like Channing Tatum, Ray Park and Byung Hun-Lee, and new faces like Dwayne Johnson, RZA and D.J. Cotrona. More casting news is still coming, and apparently the search is on for a big name to play the original G.I. Joe, General Joseph B. Colton. Apparently Bruce Willis has been one of the names tossed around, but there's a few other unknown contenders in the running as well. (Thanks to

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