Friday, 5 August 2011

More New Images Of Catwoman (stuntwoman) On The Batpod From Dark Knight Rises!

Here are 3 new images of Catwoman riding the Batpod (albeit a stuntwoman and not actually Anne Hathaway) from The Dark Knight Rises film set.

From these pics it looks like she's escaping a building (maybe a bank) with loads of police/S.W.A.T scattered around on the floor etc and snow on the steps... At least we get a better look at her outfit from this angle! You can now clearly see that she has very long elbow-length gloves, thigh-high boots and some sort of utility belt, along with the textured body suit.

I was talking to Winged Warrior and Maid of Might in the store today and pointed out that the goggles/glasses she's wearing also look to be Wayne-Tech, and probably help her with her robberies with nightvision/heads up display/magnification etc, not unlike Batman's cowl in The Dark Knight.

Speculation of course.


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batfan said...

It appears she is at the same location as the riot where Batman and Bane fighting.