Friday, 5 August 2011

New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Black... No, The Other Black...

Peter Parker is dead... Long live Miles Morales...

Soooooo the long wait is over and in the alternate universe that is 'Ultimate' we have a new Spider-Man. "Miles Morales", the half black, half hispanic teen who will don a new version of the Spidey-suit and protect Manhattan from the horde of rampaging villains, both old and new.

How the hell he gets Spider powers, if indeed he does at all to be the new web-head, is beyond me at this point without reading the new comic which comes out next Wednesday, but I look forward to seeing how they do it.

Of course there's bound to be some kind of racial outcry about Marvel's decision to bring in a technically massive ethnic change to a long running, much loved,  white character, but then it's an alternate universe and in 'ours' Peter Parker is alive and well and won't be kicking the bucket any time soon, so that'll be the arguement going forward no doubt.

Personally I think it's a good change and I feel more positive about this monumental storyline than the apocalyptic car-crash that the DC reboot could very well be...

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