Thursday, 29 September 2011

Justice League: Doom - Cast Announced + Images

The voice cast for the next DC animated movie 'Justice League: Doom" has recently been announced and a couple of images came with them.

Providing the voice for Superman is Tim Daly, reprising the role that began in Superman: The Animated Series, and for which he returned in the made for DVD films Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse.

Kevin Conroy is back at Batman, continuing his legacy as the voice of the Dark Knight that began back in the early 1990s on Batman: The Animated Series and continues in many modern versions of the character.

Nathan Fillion, who voiced Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is back with his power ring. On the Justice League series GL was represented by John Stewart as voiced by Phil Lemarr.

Michael Rosenbaum is back as the Flash. Particularly interesting is that while Rosenbaum was voicing the Flash on Justice League, he was starring as Lex Luthor in Smallville.

Carl Lumbly is back from Justice League to voice Martian Manhunter, while Susan Eisenberg reprises the role of Wonder Woman. Additionally, Cyborg is in the mix, and he's being voiced by The Game's Bumper Robinson.

Expect Justice League: Doom, loosely adapted from Mark Waid's Tower of Babel storyline by the late Dwayne McDuffie, to be released in February on Blu-ray and DVD in the US and hopefully the UK.

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