Friday, 9 September 2011

New series - DEATH VALLEY

MTV appear to have a hit factory at the moment.....TEEN WOLF has taken off in a big way (already renewed for a second season) and now they've got DEATH VALLEY hitting the screens.

It's a cross between Shaun of the dead, Zombieland and Reno 911.......with a little Cops thrown it there for good measure. The premises is that Zombies, werewolves and vampires have invaded the USA and the UTF (undead task force) have been drafted in to sort the problem out..............however this task force seems to be made up of some of the most inept police officers going: and their task appears to be policing the undead any way possible...usually by beating, shooting or just generally kicking their ass.

The scripting is great and not the in your face "fart joke" humor that usually makes American comedy unwatchable. Yes, there are some obvious jokes, but mostly this is handled really well and subtly. The characters are likable (although mostly unknown) and they are followed around and filmed "cops style" by a camera crew.

This is funny, bloody and packed with action and sex!!! Well done MTV.........I salute you!!

Oh, and check out Caity Lotz and Tania Raymonde who add the sex appeal to the show as Kristin Landry and Carla Rinaldi in the show.


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