Saturday, 24 September 2011

UK Primeval TV Show Getting Canadian Spin Off/Reboot Series Called 'New World'?

No confirmation at this  time of whether this news actually relates to a spin off or reboot (as there are conflicting news reports) but it would seem the Primeval series has a future, even if it's not in its original form.

This is from both the official release from SPACE and then info from SFX magazine:


We're excited to announce today that SPACE has ordered a new original drama series known as Primeval: New World!

The series will run 13 one hour long episodes and will build on the UK Primeval mythology, taking place in the same universe that we've come to know and love. The story will centre on a new Canadian team of animal experts taking on whatever past or future creatures come through the anomalies that are now appearing around the world.

The creative team behind New World boasts an all Canadian team of writers, and takes place in Vancouver, continuing the SPACE tradition of creating top quality original Canadian genre programming!

This new series will be "darker and scarier" than the original and it will have a younger, sexier cast and lots of gory special effects to go with it; as a result of this the new show will air at the later time of 9pm [hmmm... do they mean UK time?].
Production is set to start in the winter of 2012 and the show will be filmed mostly in Vancouver. The special effects of the show will be dealt by Impossible's London group. Jonathan Drake, managing director of Impossible says that this is not a continuation of Primeval but rather "a bigger, better, badder re-imagining of the show".

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Dalek1099 said...

I'm counting it as Series 6 because it will be in between Series 5 and the next UK series if there is on chronologically speaking and it will continue letting creatures escape the anomalies just a different cast and an Canadian look on the series differs it from any other series.Source that confirms ITV broadcast: !!!