Sunday, 23 October 2011

Noooooooooooo! Mark Hamill Retires From His Role As The Voice Of Joker After 19 Years!

I'll keep this brief as I might cry myself to sleep tonight after hearing this news...

Mark Hamill is retiring as the voice (and should I say the most fantastic version ever) of DC's character - The Joker.

Hamill has voiced Joker for almost 20 years and has done numerous TV shows, movies and video games (most recently Arkham City) which is only reflected in its perfect casting by Batman's Kevin Conroy. Now he's decided that he's putting 'ol Puddin to rest.

Having just watched an episode of Young Justice where Star Trek's Brent Spiner took at a turn at voicing the character I can safely say that there will never be another actor who will so synonymously portray the Joker in any format. 'Cos Spiner was s**t. Sorry.

Thanks for the memories Mr. Hamill. You will be sorely missed as The Joker.

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