Monday, 10 October 2011

Old PC Game 'Syndicate' Gets An FPS Update!

Years ago I worshipped my Commodore Amiga 500+ gaming system and the games that were on it were some of the best I've ever played, even up until now.

One game that I had on that system was a tactical strategy game called 'Syndicate' and I was quite literally obsessed with it and played it all the time... Its big brother, and only sequel, was 'Syndicate Wars' on the PC and had updated graphics and gameplay, but never really lived up to the original for me.

News broke last week that Syndicate is being rebooted as a first-person shooter for consoles and PC and the first trailer is below.

Now the problem I have is that this not so much a reboot as a totally new game looking like it has absolutely nothing to do with the original games... OK so you've got a long coat, a mini-gun and maybe some cybernetic enhancements, but otherwise it's not Syndicate. Bring me an update of the original and I'll be happy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you. I'm so tired of nonsense makeovers of absolute classics... they're CLASSICS for a reason goddammit!! If anything could be improved, it should only be graphics and cool new features/storyline/weapons/etc..

Same thing happened to classic X-COM series.. they recently ruined it COMPLETELY with another BS FPS makeover!!

Why not just turn every damn game into FPS like the next Civilization VI or Warcraft!