Friday, 9 December 2011

11th Season Of Smallville! In Novel Form...

Yay! Oh, no. Not yay.

Too many questions and unfinished storylines and unfinished threads at the end of Smallville season 10? Well they're all supposedly going to be answered very soon in Smallville season 11... The novels!

Here's the little info that's available:

Bryan Q Miller, also recently of Batgirl until the DC Relaunch, is to write a new novel, telling the story of what happened to the Smallville cast after the end of the TV series, in continuity. A Smallville Season Eleven, if you will. With Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season Eight and Nine doing so well in comic book form, this seems a rather natural move.

To be honest I'd rather see comics/graphic novels than novels, but hey.

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