Sunday, 27 February 2011

How Harry Potter Should End...

Personally I think this is how the Harry Potter saga should end.

Screw the faffing about with spells and prophecies, just smoke the fool with a 9mm and be done with it.

Resurrect that Voldermort... "BAM!".

Toy Story Pizza Planet Truck Has Cameos In Other Pixar Movies!

Did you know that the beloved pizza truck from the original ‘Toy Story’ movie is hidden in every single Pixar motion picture except for Incredibles. True Story.
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Freaky The Snowman - Video

I love this kind of thing and I have to admit that as the video reached the end I was almost in tears with laughter (the reactions of one of the guys walking past as the snowman farts and then it looks at him is fantastic).

Cool Pics From The Web...

Yet another massive update for you here!