Monday, 16 January 2012

Erica Durance Dressed As Wonder Woman!

I don't think an image of Erica Durance dressed as Wonder Woman needs too much explaining as most of the people discovering this post who aren't following this blog are simply looking for dirty kicks... But still, here goes.

You may remember that Erica dressed as an Amazonian Warrior back in Smallville a few years ago, which looked a lot like Wonder Woman (even having the lasso, gauntlets and tiara of sorts) but wasn't addressed as such.

Well now, for an episode of "Harry's Law" (a show fronted by David E. Kelley who also did the new Wonder Woman TV pilot), she's playing a character who actually believes she's the DC super-heroine and dresses up and acts like her too. The outfit Erica is wearing is the actual one from the ill-fated series that Adrianne Palicki wore, but as everyone can clearly see Miss Durance fills it out to extreme perfection compared to Miss Palicki, and I'm sure that if they'd chosen Smallville's own Lois Lane for the series it wouldn't have been turned down!

Here's the image followed by Adrianne wearing the same thing.

The perfect choice for Wonder Woman and a missed opportunity?

A misguided and plain dreadful choice for Wonder Woman which led to a rejected pilot... :(


Anonymous said...

How are those costumes the same?

Kryptonian Warrior said...

Where's the confusion? The last two pictures of Erica and Adrianne are of them wearing the same costume. Apart from a bit of gold missing from above the belt they are identical! Or did you mean something else?