Monday, 16 January 2012

Family Guy Online? New MMO Game?

Huh? What? Where the hell did this come from and why didn't I know about it?

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Look at that big, lazy jerk. You could meet him in the game!

We've got our first look at screenshots from the upcoming MMO based on Family Guycalled (obviously) Family Guy Online. There still aren't a lot of details about what the game is about or what players will be doing in the fully-3D version of Peter Griffin's hometown, but it's currently in closed beta. According to the info page on the site, with the free-to-play game "You can create a character, become a citizen of virtual Quahog, and play and interact with your friends and favorite show characters." According to these screenshots (and what's likely the back of a player character's head), yup, you can definitely create your own character and tool around Quahog interacting with characters from the show.
Here's what the Mayor of Quahog himself had to say about his role in the game during our interview at SDCC:
Adam West: Well, Family Guy Online is an interesting concept to me because as the Mayor of Quahog, I'll be "hosting" the game, but it's a game in which the viewer can create their own character and be part of Family Guy. So anyone who wants to do it can create a character that's loveable, warm, funny, or absurd--whatever they want to do--and jump into the game. And I'll kind of direct them around a little bit.
We'll find out more about Family Guy Online after it ends its closed beta. You can check out the details so far on developer Roadhouse Interactive's site.

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