Monday, 16 January 2012

I Must Own This Avengers Desk!

Tom Spina Designs, designers of the Han Solo carbonite desk we've previously posted on this blog, had a unique request from one of their customer named Mark Hall. Mark wanted a custom built desk that showed his passion for Marvel's upcoming Superhero team up movie The Avengers. So Tom and his team got together and designed this beautiful desk that uses made from scratch props. You will notice front and center is Captain America's shield, and surrounded on both sides of it is Thor's mighty hammer Mj√∂lnir as well as Iron Man's helmet and Arc Reactor. The back of the desk has a special place for Hawkeye's trick arrows that opens up to to reveal drawers along with The Hulk's Gamma container that gives more space for all important paper work. The top of the desk includes an officially licensed Nick Fury Needle Gun for display.

I want this desk... Nay, I NEED this desk.

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