Monday, 27 February 2012

London Super Comic Con 2012

So, I, the Amazon Princess, attended London Super Comic Con this Saturday. I won't bore you with details of who was there stall-wise but I will tell you three things: 

1. I had the pleasure of meeting the outstandingly talented and endlessly polite and lovely, Brian Bolland (artist for the incredibly iconic The Killing Joke, amongst an enormous multitude of others.)

2. To see (although unfortunately not meet) the actual Stan Lee in the flesh was quite incredible. To see his lovely little smiley face, his magnificent moustache and feel his general aura of awesome was just amazing. <3

3. I took my camera to capture some wonderful costumers/cosplayers and here I've collected some for you! Enjoy <3 !

Storm by ???

Smart Venom by ???

The Lizard by ???

Wolverine by David

Cheetah by Fran

Crossbones by David

Domino by Anna

Donna Troy by ???

Hope Summers by Chelsea

Captain Jack Sparrow by ???

Lara Croft by ???

Loki by Steph

Scarecrow and Catwoman by ??? and ???

Shi'ar Rogue by Ange

Shocker by Matt

Spiderman by ???

The Thing by Mikey

 Shi'ar Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Lara Croft by Ange, ??? and Gemma

Stormtrooper by ???

Vulture by ???

Spiderman and Winter Solider by ??? and ???

Wonder Woman by Emmy


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