Wednesday, 14 March 2012

New Pics From Nickelodeon CG TMNT Reboot Cartoon...

The pics below are from the upcoming brand new Turtles CG cartoon to be shown on Nickelodeon.

A few things to point out on first glance:

1) Shredder looks pretty pointy and lethal for a kids cartoon! Although he's certainly living up to his name.

2) "Krang" is now "The Kraang"? Or is that his species?

3) Splinter looks like a human in a rat mask... And way younger (as does the whole character list obviously).

4) April is now an under-age teenage girl, not the "woman" reporter she's always been.

5) The Turtles look like they've been made out of Playdoh, or even papercraft. Though that's down to the style of the CG of course, and they're still cool.

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