Friday, 30 March 2012

Red Sun Comics & Collectables Reopening!!!

Yes it's true guys and gals... Red Sun Comics & Collectables is reopening (albeit temporarily) on the 7th of April! This was the official statement via the Red Sun Facebook page earlier today:

Hi guys and gals! The moment you've all been waiting for is finally here: Red Sun reopening news! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING!

As you all know Red Sun had to shut down on the 31st of Jan 2012. We were doing really well, but simply not well enough to completely cover a store of our size. The original intention was to either shut down completely and simply run our website, or to move to a smaller location. The reason it's taken this long is that so many things have to be considered, and so many miles of red-tape have to be battled through to get to this point and we just couldn't have done it any sooner. Sorry for the wait!

We can now tell you that it's been decided that Red Sun High Chelmer will reopen its doors on the 7TH OF APRIL 2012 to coincide with the Easter Avengers Day event that the shopping centre is holding. However our opening hours have been reduced to Tuesday to Saturday trading, meaning we're not open Sundays or Mondays anymore. The reopening is TEMPORARY however. We are still looking to downsize to a much smaller store in the near future, so the Red Sun you know will only be here a while longer and then hopefully Red Sun 2.0 will carry on.

Please be aware that any store credit you have will need to be used immediately as if the newer store goes ahead it will not support existing credit, and neither will the website.

We are reopening Red Sun for you, the customers and the fans, so please make it worth it by using every outlet you have to promote us and talk about us. Tell your friends, tell your family members, use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr... everytyhing that can help us and that will then mean that we can hopefully stay in Chelmsford going forward. If we don't get the custom we simply can't continue so we're leaving it down to you to be our champions and fight to keep us here in one way or another. We are relying on you all!

The 7th of April will be a day of heavy discounts, costumed superheroes, fun and of course the chance for you to welcome back the coolest shop in Chelmsford! Please come along and keep visting!

If you wish to keep updated with Red Sun stock or simply want to support us by following then please like us here -


Mistress of Magic said...

So glad to hear about this! Anything me and the other red sun corps can do to help, just let us know, we're all sharring the fb and twitter posts like crazy

Kryptonian Warrior said...

Thanks J! Much appreciated as always. x