Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Crush Of The Week #1

Welcome to a new feature over here at KryptonianWarrior... Geeky Crush Of The Week! Its gonna be a double whammy, one by myself, Amazon Princess, which will be mancrushes... Then the other by Kryptonian Warrior himself with ladycrushes. It'll hopefully be weekly, or maybe bi-weekly and most of them will be geeky-themed if possible!

I shall start the proceedings off!

This weeks mancrush of the week is...

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Starring in a wide variety of films, from Whats Eating Gilbert Grape? to Romeo + Juliet, Titanic to The Man In The Iron Mask, Gangs Of New York to Catch Me If You Can, Shutter Island to Inception, DiCaprio has a pretty impressive and incredibly diverse resume. 

Hes gone from humble, mostly unknown beginnings (Critters 3, Growing Pains), to a breakthrough (and tear-jerking) performance in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape?, to the explosion of a 90's heart-throb (Romeo + Juliet, Titanic). Hes been seen more recently in some absolutely fantastic pieces of cinema, such as Shutter Island and Inception, showing not only his rugged good looks but his ever growing and hugely impressive acting talent...

All seriousness aside, just LOOK AT HIM. Hes gone from boyish, almost feminine good looks to ruggedly handsome at the age of 37. I'll sum up the reason for my crush on Leonardo DiCaprio in several bullet points below;

- Spectacular face. (He even looks good drowing.)
- He has spawned a meme (Strutting Leo, see bottom of page)
- He looks sexy crying. (I don't know if thats disturbing or not... and I don't care. 
See below for proof.)

I may or may yes want to punch him just to see that beautiful cry face.

ps. Leo when he heard I was in town
(Thats running towards me... Not away... I swear...) 

pps. Bonus gifs

ppps. bonus sexyness

pppps. Strutting Leo Meme

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