Thursday, 12 April 2012

Crush Of The Week #2

Amazon Princess posted up her first "crush of the week" post yesterday and I've been told I now have to do mine... Unfortunately I have too many active crushes on a weekly basis to choose just one, so this first post will have multiple crushes which will then hopefully reduce through each post. Although that's unlikely...

As with Amazon Princesses I'll give a reason why each lovely lady has been chosen this week.

Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen/Khaleesi) - Game of Thrones season 2 started the other day and Emilia is the little stunner of the entire show.

Elizabeth Banks - Always loved Ms. Banks from previous movies such as Zack & Miri but she's appeared in two films that I've watched recently - The Hunger Games (not attractive!) and Man on a Ledge (her gorgeous normal self!)

Jennifer Lawrence - Although the first I knew of Jennifer was X-Men First Class it's The Hunger Games where she really stepped into the limelight and grabbed everyone's attention. And for good reason, she's great as Katniss and naturally beautiful too!

Beau Garrett - Tron Legacy may be relatively old news at this point but to me Beau's character "Gem" stands out as one of my favourite sci-fi females of all time and I watch this film on an almost weekly basis either on Blu-Ray or Sky!

Jill Wagner - Although the lovely Jill has appeared in shows like Blade: The Series I actually only know her from Wipeout USA which the family and I watch all the time.

Zooey Deschanel - Currently starring in the new hit US series "New Girl" Zooey has always been a favourite of mine, and having only just re-watched "Your Highness" the other night I had to add her here.

Lynn Collins - Dejah Thoris in the John Carter movie which I watched recently. Even though it made a huge loss I really enjoyed the film, not least of all because Lynn is absolutely mesmerising as the Princess of Mars. I truly believe she single-handedly ushered in the early puberty of millions of young boys across the globe...

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