Monday, 28 May 2012

Crush Of The Week #12

Unfortunately I was too busy last week to come up with a "crush of the week", so I'm doing two this week instead.

Here's my first, and seeing as The Amazon Princess went for an old 80's crush last week I'll follow suit with one of my first major crushes - Jennifer Connelly.

When I was 8 years old Labyrinth was released and not only did it have amazing Jim Henson puppets but it also had Miss Connelly too. This was the start of my Connelly love. I think I already had a young crush on Brooke Shields too by that point if I remember and to be honest they look a hell of a lot alike.

Anyway, the next film which super-increased my boyhood love for Jennifer was the 1991 movie The Rocketeer, one of my favourite films as a kid and one in which a more frumpy Jennifer definitively cemented herself into my "hotty" list. Now she's older she's also a hell of a lot skinnier and I'm not as keen as I once was, but she's still gorgeous nonetheless. She just needs some better movies on her backlist as she's been in some real stinkers over the last 20 years! Enjoy the pics!

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