Monday, 14 May 2012

New Poster for SIN CITY 2

I've been waiting for this since the first Sin City movie captured my geeky little black and red heart and now, lo and behold, not only do we FINALLY have confirmation, but we have a kick-ass teaser poster too.

The plot for Sin City 2 is based off Miller's A Dame To Kill For, Just Another Saturday Night and a new one Miller has written called The Long, Bad Night, which apparently centres on Jessica Alba's character, Nancy Callahan, who will be the connection between the two films. claims we'll get to see more of Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Devon Aoki and Michael Madsen. I'm hoping for the return of Clive Owen and maybe a Bruce Willis cameo (at least!). A few years ago, Johnny Depp was attached to the project (as well as the third movie) but hes not currently featured on the imdb page... We shall see! 

They're rumoured to start shooting this spring and personally, I cannot WAIT for more information on this to pop up as time goes on!

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