Friday, 1 June 2012

The Avengers Craft-Time: Lollipop Stick Bookmarks By Kryptonian Warrior!

A few weeks ago I posted up a pic in "Cool Pics From The Web" which featured an Iron-Man, Captain America & Hulk set of lollipop stick bookmarks from "".

This is the original pic by that site:

Last night I got bored and attempted my own versions... I must stress that these are all first-tries with numerous issues like wrong colours, inability to match the movie versions, mistakes whilst colouring etc. But my kids loved them and they were fun to do. I'm thinking of adding more Avengers to the roster and maybe even attempting some X-Men and Justice League versions. My youngest has already commissioned me to do a Supergirl and my eldest a Wonder Woman version for their school books!

 These are mine:

As you'll notice they are very rough and certain body features need a little tweaking to look less scary, but I'm happy with the end result! :P

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