Saturday, 16 June 2012

Crush Of The Week #14

This week I'm having a cheat week and choosing 3 women for my crush of the week post. The theme for the whole thing this time is "Geek Hotties" and I have two British and one American for your viewing pleasure - Alex Sim-Wise, Julia Hardy, and Sara Jean Underwood. (And yes I have purposefully missed out ladies such as Olivia Munn and Felicia Day this time round!).

So to start us off we have one of the most stunning red-heads on the planet, and one of the geekiest hotties in the business, Alex Sim-Wise. Alex has modelled, she's done radio work, she's presented various TV shows (most video-game orientated), and she's written for magazines, websites and even her own comic. Alex is a feisty, outspoken, and highly intelligent woman who cites herself as an "ugly duckling" when she was younger who obviously turned into a stunning geek, and even though she's recently moved away from modelling she's still one of the most worthy-of-your-attention women in the UK today!

Next up is a truly lovely lady who I first encountered on Sky's Bravo channel presenting both Gameface and Ginx Files. She's done a lot of TV and radio work and a lot of music field-reporting and she also writes for various gaming mags and newspapers. She is the ultra long-haired, alt-girl lovely - Julia Hardy.

Where Alex Sim-Wise is feisty and outspoken Julia is very funny, a lot of fun to actually watch, and presents shows in a way I've never seen before, or since, and her on-screen persona makes her truly likeable. I would melt if I ever met her...

Last but by no means least it the American super-hottie ex Playboy model and presenter - Sara Jean Underwood... Although I've seen Sara Jean pop up here and there on the net because of her presenting Attack of the Show and wearing various geeky outfits it was only on Ninja Warrior (the Japanese version) the other day that she really caught me eye and made me add her to this post. She was the Playmate of the month in 2006 and Playmate of the year in 2007, is also highly proficient in Yoga and a professional poker player, so you can definitely see the theme of super-intelligent, geeky, hot, women going on here. OK so she's an American Barbie Doll compared to any British woman, but she's stunning... Enjoy!

And as a final added bonus I give you a strange and maybe awkward geek-crush from the early 90's. The lispy, busty, strange-haired gaming TV presenter Violet Berlin!!! lol

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