Sunday, 24 June 2012

Crush Of The Week #15

This week's Crush Of The Week is...

Johnny Galecki

Yep, little Leonard Hofstadter from The Big Bang Theory. 
We all know of him from everyones favourite geek show, but did you know he was little Russel Griswold in National Lampoon's Winter Holiday? Don't believe me? Check it out;

Did you also know that he was David Healy in late 80's/early 90's hugely popular TV series Roseanne?

Or his part in 90's thriller I Know What You Did Last Summer?

How about that he voiced Knux in 2000's April Moon episode of the Batman Of The Future/Batman Beyond TV series?

Or his brief cameos in Vanilla Sky, My Name Is Earl and American Dad?

How about his little appearance in the excellent Hancock?

Or his Family Guy appearance as Big Bang Theory character, Leonard?

Johnny Galecki has been sneaking into our collective consciousness prior to the wonderful Big Bang Theory, but I for one, thank the Big Bang Theory for bringing the marvellous man to our attention on a bigger scale.

I love him most as Leonard. Hes got the best endearing geeky quality to his character, his unending love for Penny (awwwwh!), his cute awkwardness and his knowledge and love of all things geeky. He also owns at least one lightsaber. Good man.

Now for appreciation; 

Points Of Wonder;

- That HAIR
- Those cute glasses
- His fondness of takeaway food
- His fondness of everything good (comics, video games, movies, etc)
- Did I mention DAT HAIR!?!
- Looks amazing with a beard

Oh my goodness...

Whats that Leonard/Johnny? 'My body is ready?' OH OKAY

Instead of my usual obligatory crying shot, I'll treat you all to something a bit special...
A very young (and strapping and handsome and kjhaskhgadkjhsagdjh) Johnny Galecki featuring in a music video for the Dave Matthews Band... Enjoy!

(I can't post the video up here so click the link above! Trust me... Its so worth it!)

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