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Kryptonian Warrior's Re-Casting Of The Fantastic 4 And Justice League Movies...

OK so due to a KW follower's request I'm doing a rapid follow-up to my previous re-casting post featuring The Avengers and the X-Men movies with The Justice League and Fantastic 4.

You may be saying to yourself "hold on, there hasn't been a Justice League movie for you to re-cast". But technically you'd be wrong. There was that terrible 1997 attempt at a Justice League of America TV series that started with a TV movie. So there.

Anyway, as before we're pretending that certain other actors and actresses have never played these characters on screen before and that we have all the money and power to cast anyone we want for any reason whatsoever in our perfect version of these superhero movies. So here goes!

The Fantastic Four

Jeff Goldblum - Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic

Why? - This won't be a popular choice but the way I see it is that Reed is an older man, much older than he's been expressed in the previous movies by Ioan Gruffudd and he's super-intelligent, tall, imposing, and just a little crazy. Jeff Goldblum's way of pausing when he talks and his stature and presence are things I see in my version of Reed. Just add some grey hair.

Elizabeth Banks - Susan Storm (Richards)/Invisible Woman

Why? - Susan Storm, or Richards if they've married by this point, is a stunning blond with a great figure and some seriously kick-ass powers under her belt. Elizabeth could pull off this role with ease and would be a great marital match for the older Goldblum. Plus Jessica Alba wasn't fooling anyone in the original films with her badly faked hair and contact lenses... And piss-poor acting of course...

Alex Pettyfur - Johnny Storm/The Human Torch

Why? - I know a whole bunch of people who despise Pettyfur for one reason or another, but there aren't many physically fit, blond actors of Pettyfur's age that could pull off being the hunky little brother of Elizabeth Banks' Susan Storm. Pettyfur fits the bill down to a t.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Benjamin Grimm/The Thing

Why? - I don't care what anyone says... I love The Rock as an actor and every film he's been in has been awesome (bar maybe The Tooth Fairy!). OK so in the comic Benjamin Grimm is more mass than muscle and he's quite clearly as white as they come, but Dwayne exudes strength, charisma and power and even if you CG'd The Thing his voice would still be a great fit. Imagine his "Can you smell what The Rock is cookin?" turned into "It's clobberin time!"? :)

Alan Rickman - Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom

Why? - The Fantastic Four deserve a villain that is incredible on screen and an actor who is just as awesome in the role. Who better than Alan Rickman for pure unadulterated evil and charisma behind that famous metal facade?


Jon Hamm - Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman

Why? - Yet again I express my need and love for an older cast in superhero movies and there are only a handful of actors compatible with the role of Superman. I've never watched an episode Mad Men but I've seen him in other things and I honestly think (as do many others across the internet) that he'd be a great fit for the old red and blue.

Michael Fassbender - Bruce Wayne/Batman

Why? - A strange one here. Michael has become something of a big name recently appearing in just about every film that's been released in the past two years, but there's something about his suave, sophisticated on screen presence and his look and build that make me think he's perfect for Bruce Wayne and Batman combined. OK so he'd have to dye his hair and make a concerted effort not to slip into his Irish accent (something he was unable to do in X-Men: First Class), but afterall is said and done could you imagine Michael as Batman next to Jon Hamm's Superman? Awesome.

Cobie Smulders - Princess Diana/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Why? - Having only just played the Marvel character of Maria Hill in Avengers Assemble Miss. Smulders could easily make the jump to the Amazonian role of Wonder Woman in a DC Comics Justice League movie. She's stunning, tall, fit (and with some weight training a hell of lot fitter) and although somewhat younger looking than her co-stars here (she's an immortal Greek goddess though) she'd fit in great. Just look up online "Cobie Smulders Wonder Woman" and see the awesome fan photoshop pics and you'll see what I mean!

Ryan Reynolds - Barry Allen/The Flash

Why? - Screw his role of Hal Jordan in The Green Lantern movie, that was miss-casting at its worst, Ryan Reynolds was born to play The Flash in a big screen movie. Ryan has the body, the humour, and the fan-base to make either Barry Allen or Wally West a brilliant character and someone who shines brightly next to the rest of an awesome leading cast. Deadpool who?

Terry Crews - J'onn J'onzz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter

Why? - I think like most people I see Martian Manhunter being played by a big black actor with a deep voice and a stature matching Superman's. Having gone through a huge list (most of them based on voice actors who have played him in animated outings) I've settled on the hulked-out Terry Crews. A shave, a bit of green paint, and we have a formidable Martian. :)

Gerard Butler - Arthur Curry/Orin/Aquaman

Why? - Keeping with the trend of older yet fitter actors Aquaman led me straight to Gerard Butler. 300's Leonidas leading the Atlantean's and creatures of Atlantis? Hell yeah.

Daniel Craig - Carter Hall/Hawkman

Why? - Stepping away from the animated series' Hawkgirl and back to Hawkman (only because he was listed on my options from Luke on the Facebook page!), who better to play a character who is basically Indiana Jones with wings? Craig has the aggressive battle-ready demeanour, the presence and the physical "shirt off" looks to pull of a scary and awesome on-screen Hawkman.

Leonardo Dicaprio - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Why? - Finding an actor who has the acting chops to pull of a billionaire playboy/activist/hero with attitude isn't easy, but once I came across Leo I knew he'd be perfect with the addition of a bigger blonde goatee and green togs. A great match for Fassbender's Bruce Wayne and of course a hottie for Black Canary if she turned up!

Denzel Washington - John Stewart/Green Lantern

Why? - Older is better and Denzel in a Green Lantern outfit is frickin awesome. Architect or ex military, Denzel would nail John Stewart in his first seconds on screen and you'd believe he'd kick any alien's butt with a Power Ring.

Thomas Jane - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Why? - So if we're not going with John Stewart in the movie then it's got to Hal Jordan. Screw Ryan Reynolds, he's not my GL. And although everyone will say "Nathan Fillion is Hal Jordan", and I agree, I'm going with someone else to rock the boat. Thomas Jane would be my Hal and with less humour and more focus playing the more grown up "douchy yet excellent" version of the role I think he'd be perfect. In fact place him with Denzel and Seann William Scott as Guy Gardner  (maybe even Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Kyle Rayner) and we'd  have some awesome Lanterns on screen.

Hugh Laurie - Ray Palmer/The Atom

Why? - Ray Palmer isn't really a superhero when he starts out, he's just a brilliant scientist who invents shrinking technology and then reluctantly uses it to help out whenever there's something small enough that the League can't deal with it with their "big gun" team members. Hugh Laurie is a moody, reluctant, douchy Doctor in House and I can see him being a great fit for The Atom on screen.

So do you agree or disagree with the choices above? Have better ones yourselves or want another movie recast to see my options? Leave a comment!!!

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