Monday, 2 July 2012

Crush Of The Week #16

I'm a little late on my crush of the week post, as I am with a whole bunch of other posts meant to go up in the last two weeks, but I'm going to make for it with a cheat week again focusing on 6 of my childhood/teenage crushes from oh so long ago when my hormones were in overdrive!

So here goes! (And don't laugh, these were from when I was younger, not so much now!!!)

6: Cindy Crawford

Out of all the pics I had on my wall growing up Cindy Crawford seemed to take up the most space. In the golden age of supermodels where Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christiensen, Eva Herzigova, and the like reigned supreme in every paper and on every magazine cover I fell for Cindy Crawford. The hair, the body, the slightly Mediterranean looks... She was a favourite, but not now in my 30's.

5: Pamela Anderson

OK, so these days Pamela is somewhat of a joke to most people and is remembered more for her terrible roles in movies like Barb Wire and her stupidly round boobs and Barbie-doll fake looks than anything else. I remember her (and had a crush on her) from Baywatch playing CJ, with all the red bathing suits and the running on the beach in slow motion... Ah those were the days.

4: Lynda Carter

Maybe this crush was actually on Wonder Woman rather than Lynda Carter who played her in the 70's TV series, but either way you can't deny that Miss Carter was a phenomenal looking lady in her day and one of my very early crushes. She will always be my Wonder Woman as Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman. :P

3: Erika Eleniak

Baywatch has yet another entry in my top 6 childhood crushes with its character "Shawnee" played by one of my super-crushes Erika Eleniak. Lots of people I mention this crush to turn their noses up and say "really?". Yes, I fancied the crap out of her and remember being unbelievably shocked to not only be shown her Playboy spread in secondary school but also see her cake scene in Under Siege... Bonus. I even asked a girl out in school simply because she was the spitting image of Erika! :P

2: Gillian Anderson

OK, so who didn't have a crush on Gillian Anderson during her 9 year run on X-Files? C'mon, the voice, the suit, the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully, the red/ginger hair? Next to Cindy Crawford I'm pretty sure Gillian Anderson covered the rest of my wall space at home as a teenager. She did so many awesome photo shoots (her best being two rounds of FHM) and she was, and still is, naturally stunning. She's attending London Film and Comic Con this Saturday too and I cannot wait to finally meet her. :P

1: Diane Youdale (Jet from Gladiators)

There was no other choice for my top spot of childhood crushes than Jet from the UK TV series of Gladiators. From 1992 to 1996 the highlight of my Saturday night dinner-time TV viewing was watching Jet on screen. She wasn't everyone's cup of tea and other boys in school preferred Lightning, Vogue, or Panther, but most people my age remember Jet and most guys had super crushes on her doing anything in the playground to swap stickers or magazines with her pics in. I even remember having a life size poster of her that my Mum sent off for through Frosties cereal... Even to this day I have a plate-sized badge in my room/den of Jet 20 years on!

Special Mentions

A few special mentions here for other ladies who didn't make the top 6 cut (either because they've been in the crush of the week before or were only a crush from one film etc) but I thought were worth celebrating!

Helen Slater: Supergirl

Kelly LeBrock: Weird Science

Leslie Easterbrook: Police Academy 

Carrie Fisher: Star Wars Return of the Jedi (Gold Bikini of course!)

Jennifer Connelly: Labyrinth/Rocketeer (already done on the crush of the weeks)

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