Monday, 23 July 2012

Crush Of The Week #21

This week's Crush Of The Week is...

Christian Bale

Yep, with The Dark Knight Rises out this week, I thought Christian Bale deserved his time on the Crush Of The Week throne. And it is so very deserved...

Bale started off his acting career in the late 80's as a child in TV movies and shows such as Anastasia: The Mystery Of Anna and Heart Of Country.

His first breakthrough role as a child was Spielberg's Empire Of The Sun in 1987, in which he played a young English boy struggling under the Japanese occupation during World War II. 

He starred in a variety of films throughout the early 90's, including Little Women...

and even voice acting in Disney's Pocahontas (yes, really!)

His career went from strength to strength, eventually landing the main role in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' wonderfully disturbing American Psycho.

And this is, (perhaps worryingly,) where my crush began! Maybe it's the hint of insanity or maybe it's his amazing body in this, but just... yes.

Another fantastically under-rated film of Bale's is Reign Of Fire. Bale and dragons... What's NOT enjoyable about that!?!

Oh yeah and he's shirtless, sweaty and beardy. Mmmmmmmm.

Bale went on to star in a bunch of equally awesome and under-rated films such as Equilibrium and The Machinist (in which he completely morphed and destroyed his body for the sake of his art.)

He revisited voice acting with the English dub of Howl's Moving Castle, playing Howl himself and making just about every female animation fan fall completely in love with him.

Then Batman Begins happened. And the crush increased tenfold.

The rest is (sexy) history.

Points of Appreciation;

- The guy is BATMAN. Did you hear me? BATMAN. THE. GODDAMN. BATMAN.
-  He's getting better with age (like a fine wine, or cheese, or Johnny Depp)
- He grows a damn consistent beard
- He makes a fantastic psycho (worrying?)
- He truly takes it to the extreme for his art. And man, is that hot.
- Did I mention HE'S BATMAN!?!

Good. Lord. Oh. My. Ovaries.

Obligatory Crying Shot is not included this week because it appears the only time Christian Bale has ever cried is during a Heath Ledger presentation, and to include that seems mega-disrespectful.

R.I.P. Ledger and thank you to Bale for giving us the greatest live-action Bruce Wayne/Batman of all time x

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Scarlet Speedster said...

really, crush of the week ISNT nicholas cage?