Thursday, 26 July 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists! #2

Woah, Mama!  Have I got a treat for you this week!  I have found, for your reading/viewing/drooling pleasure, an awesome Aussie that makes amazing art!  So, last week was wonderful for women but now, we’re talking man stuff. Oh yeah.  I’ll get on with it then, shall I?  Okay.  Allow me to introduce you to superdan78...

The image above is one of my absolute favourites in Dan’s entire gallery.  It’s a fantastic example of his capabilities as an artist and just a brilliant image in general; a two page splash poster compilation of lots of the movie posters.  The positioning of the characters is perfect and the black and white gives the drawing a dark tone that follows the film beautifully, the harsh shading also provides great emphasis to the lights on the characters’ suits and the grid.  A really stunning scene.

Now, this image (sticking with our Tron theme here for a bit) is not actually from superdan78’s Deviant Art page, it’s from his website.  You see, I wondered how someone that had been a Deviant Artist for three years didn’t have a bit more in his gallery, (or a few more page views), so I checked out his website, looks like he updates that more frequently.  Lucky for me, there’s lots more lovely art on there!  Just look at that shading!  Is it just me or is that some super shading.  I think that’s some super shading.  The image was coloured using Copic markers apparently and if the quality of this drawing is anything to go by, I’d say they’re worth the money.  I can’t recommend them personally though since I’m too much of a cheapskate to buy any for myself.  It’s certainly clear, however, that if you know how to use them, you can get some really great results.

Back to art from the Deviant Art page, this is another of my favourite pieces in the gallery.  That face.  Just look at that face!  How brilliant does this picture look?!  It’s a digital painting, but it looks like a pristinely painted acrylic portrait.  And oh.  My.  Gosh!  The shading, oh the shading!  I have fallen in love with this man’s shading!  That lightsaber looks so real and the expression on Darth Maul’s face?  I’m intimidated, aren’t you?  I am shocked that only 121 people have viewed this picture on Deviant Art.  Where are all my fellow Star Wars nerds on that site?!  Get your butt over to this gallery and check Dan out!

It’s not just Darth Maul from the Star Wars series that’s featured in this gallery, there’s also art including Star Killer and Darth Vader.  Along with much more fan art.  You can find superdan78’s Deviant Art page here and his website here.  I suggest that if you liked the art I featured in this week’s post, you visit both.  I promise you, it’s well worth it, I’ll give you a little taster below before I go.

I hope you enjoy his full gallery, I know I certainly did.  That's all for this week, I'll be back next week with another Delicious Deviant Artist! Ta ta!

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