Thursday, 19 July 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists!

My artist feature this week is bringing princenataloony straight into the spotlight, they’ve only been a Deviant Artist for 3 weeks so far, but let me tell you, I’m already seeing major promise of proper-pucka art yet to come.

I first spotted princenataloony’s Black Widow piece (pictured above), which piqued my interest instantly.  Who doesn’t love a neatly shaded pencil sketch every now and then?  You can tell from the style that we have a bit of a Disney nut on our hands, all you have to do is look at the eyes and the rounded, button nose.  This picture captures Scarlett Johansson’s expression perfectly but the size of the eyes gives an extra touch of femininity to the picture, and let’s face it, there’s a bit of exaggeration around the chest area to add to that sensual sex appeal so closely associated with the character.

Black Widow isn’t the only item in princenataloony’s  gallery that caught my eye, oh no, there are many more marvellous morsels to enjoy!  Now, I said before that it’s quite clear from the drawing style that we’ve got a Disney fan.  I wasn’t wrong, after looking into their full gallery I found an entire folder of positively delightful Disney fan art!  Imagine that!

The folder mainly contains an adorable assortment of Rapunzel illustrations, my favourite of which features a tiny Pascal all muddled up in her hair (as shown above). I love this piece because not only is every single gap on the canvas filled with hair, but the expression on Rapunzel’s face is simply divine and I adore the clean cut digital medium, the quality of work is undeniable.

Finally, princenataloony indulges us with a nice variety of mediums used.  I’ve already shown you the sketch and cell-shaded digital work, but there’s also a digital painted style that’s incredibly reminiscent of children’s books and fairy tale stories.  Perfect for Disney fan art!  My favourite piece in this style has to be Merida (featured below).  Although I’m not completely smitten with the pose, the brush strokes and texture in the illustration give it a real charm, coupled with the soft shading and lack of bold lines, it brings together a really beautiful portrait.

You can find more of princenataloony’s work on their Deviant Art page here.  There’s a few Supernatural scenes and some original art to look forward to as well as the extra few pieces featured below.  So do check them out if you want to have a browse of some pretty epic pictures!

That's all for this week, I'll bring you another Delicious Deviant Artist next time!

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