Monday, 16 July 2012

Uoy teem ot ecin. Nice to meet you?

Ereht olleh
Or rather, Hello there i should say. Quick intro from me, The Mistress of Magic reporting for duty!
I'm a huge lover of books, comics, board games, console gaming, films, TV, most things sci fi or fantasy based and other general oddities.

I enjoy the stuff no one else seems to (Alien resurrection, Star Trek Voyager, the galactic dance off mode in Star Wars kinect and the 8th Doctor) hopefully this means my posts will nice and varied, interesting too if i can help it, possibly even entertaining. We shall see. 

So, to kick off my first post as a member of the new/reformed justice league, have 5 things that made my week last week.

1. Zachary Levi, Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin kiss.
During the Nathan Fillion conversation at NerdHQ during SDCC this year, Zachary Levi got a surprise, the day before he said he would gives kisses on the cheek for $100, NerdHQ surprised him by revealing someone had gone on to donate $1000, this is what followed. (All money raised via NerdHQ goes to Operation Smile)

2. THIS video, this song and London Film and Comic Con in general. Made by SneakyZebra, it really captured the event well for me, some really fantastic cosplays and moments. (I'm suffering from post LFCC blues) 

3. The Hollow Crown TV series that's been on BBC 2 of late collecting the four of Shakespeare's plays that make up the Henriad. Those of you that know me will already know I'm a huge fan of Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor/Avengers Assemble) and i love gorgeous men who recite Shakespeare (*cough* David Tennant *cough*)  and the lovely Mr Hiddleston is playing the part of Prince Hal. Thanks to the magic of Sky plus I've been working my way through these little by little, if you haven't, check it out. Unless you hate Shakespeare, in which case, the mute button is your friend. 

4. Mass Effect Earth DLC. I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer games, (especially online ones) but I've become completely addicted to the online multiplayer side of ME3. To add to the awesome that already is Mass Effect 3, Bioware are pelting us with free DLC (you'll hear no complaints from me) the latest of which is the new "Earth" pack, with which you will receive/be able to unlock six brand new powerful N7 characters, three new weapons and three new maps (London, Vancouver and Rio) i believe it is released on Xbox tomorrow and the rumors I've heard suggest the day after for PS3 release?? Either way, I'm excited and very glad I'm off work Wednesday. 

5. This song as been stuck in my head for the past two weeks. I'm getting withdrawal from a lack of playing Dungeons and Dragons lately (and i just found my shiny pink dice!!) and every time I think about that fact, this song pops into my head.

So that's me, nice to meet you, hope you enjoyed the festivities and I hope to grace your screens again in the near future. Mistress of Magic . xx

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