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Hello, fellow comic dwellers, Movie moguls and Zombie aficionado's!

Hello, like the recent posts that have been posted on KW, I also am a new member of the Justice league "Buddy club". My name is The Micro Marvel but you can call me MM for short (get the joke? haha) I will be updating you with geekly news that I will be proud to present to you through my daily internet surfing findings. I am proud to be a new member as I am proud to admit, I also am a geek and usually on the internet I always find very interesting things to do with comic books, video games and films before they are actually released and I would like to share this information with a community that I can relate to. 

Anyway... back on to my first duty of JUSTICE!

Todays post will be about Comics/film related products. I am a DC fan but over the years I love the comics but I am never interested with films, now Marvel have the opposite effect on me. If anyone has been following Comic-Con in San Diego this week (Which I am sure will be a big topic on KW this week) is that a new Iron man 3 film has been announced and currently is in the filming stage. Looking through multiple websites and other rumors I am going to Start with the most interesting first which is Marvel.

So far since, how should we say Marvels Golden age of films starting from 2008 to the Present day, Exluding Fantastic 4, Spiderman triligoy, Ghost Rider, the Punisher and the First Hulk movie (which we shall call the Bronze age as this was probably the start of their movie franchise before they became overly successfully popular and included references and cameos relating to other Marvel films) Marvek have given us three Iron man films, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor as well the Mashup, the Avengers. Through the Internet I have heard countless rumors through social sites, through random News websites ect. These include:

A Deadpool Movie
A Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie
A Ant Man movie, Ironman 3, Captain America 2 and Thor 2 

Somewhere I also heard (This may not be true) that there will be a Nick Fury movie and an Avengers 2 which is supposedly linked with Guardians of the Galaxy somehow.

Now to DC
Okay so far in my own opinion DC films have been like marmite for me and I can see how they are not doing as great as Marvel as DC attempt to attract mainstream audiences who have never picked up a comic book in thier life. rather than trying to appeal to their average male 15- 34 audience types. I though Greenlantern was a bit rushed to be honest, Watchmen was okay but team urban superhero films like that I can understand if some people may not understand it, being nothing is mentioned it being an alternate universe other than Nixon is still President and the ending may have confused some people (No spoilers).
Alas the Nolanverse. I liked Nolan from the first Batman film, I then hated him for The Dark knight, now looking at the trailer for The Dark knight Rises he is now in favour again. I like how he made Gotham, I like how he made Batman and stayed true with his Origins.I like his choice for Commisioner Gordan, Alfred and Christian Bale is sortof a guilty pleasure, I guess he can be okay. The rest of the charecters I dont like. I dont like Nolans attempts to make the Batmanverse as real as possible. It just feels like you can never have a perfect Batman film, I dont like it too Dark and strong like Nolan and I dont like it too light and have bareley any effort into it like Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin, I like my coffee dark knight humid.

Sorry I started to babbel on. Unfortunatley all I have heard from DC is as you already know is The Dark knight rises and these two which may sound interesting... maybe?

The Man of Steel 
Metal Men

All in all this is all I have heard of an because I feel guilty and because Marvel have no television series coming up apart from animations because they put more effort into thier films Im just going to post up some rumors of  DC television series aswell.. Ladies and Gentleman they gave you Smallville for 10 years, they attempted a Wonder woman series but they failed here are some series that you could possibly see in future.

Booster Gold

Thankfully although there were hints at the end of Green Lantern for a sequel this doesnt look possible for the upcoming year as Ryan Reynolds will be working on Deadpool for you lucky Marvel Fans.

Sorry Guys this post took me a while to write, this is my first, sorry if it is too long winded just an insight, I have loads to share this week unfortunately it would take up at least 2 pages to write and I don't think Blogspot would like me for it. 

Anyway that's it from me your Friendly Mini Molecule Uhhr... I mean  Micro Marvel! Stay tuned for News on more video game, comic and television news.

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