Tuesday, 17 July 2012

If You're Xbox, You're Allergic.

Hello random internet dwellers of Cyber space! If you haven't heard already you won't go hungry for video game brawlers this year... unless you own an Xbox. Now I'm not saying I'm biased against consoles, yes I own a PS3 but I did own an Xbox 360 for a longer amount of years and Halo is still, and will always be, my favourite series.

Anyway back to the subject...

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal 
If you haven't heard already, this year at E3 and SDCC there has been many announcements of what many seem to say is Sony's SuperSmash Bros. Throughout the past months, they have announced the maps, abilities, traits and have been mainly telling the Nintendo fan boys why this is nothing like Super Smash bros. Recently they have been releasing trailers for individual characters and it was rumoured that there will be 8 characters announced to be playable, for PlayStation vita I believe 2 characters will be different to the PS3 and vice versa. The name of the game is called Playstation All Stars Battle Royal, now try say that 15 times and not get tired. The current charecters that have been announced are :

Big Daddy (Bioshock), Fat Princess (Fat Princess), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper), Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Kratos "Isn't he popular" (God of War, Colonel Redac (Killzone). These where the first few charecters that were announced at E3. 

Recently some new character have been announced during the time of SDCC, The new characters are:

Jak and Daxter (Jak 1,2,3,X) "My second favourite series of all time", Cole MacGrath (Infamouse), Heihachi Mishima (Tekken) and Toro Inoue from (Together Anywhere).

So that means the rumor of 8 characters was not true unless it is 8 more charecters to be announced, anyway many fans are still looking out for more characters like Ratchet and Clank, Spyro and Crash, but if we have too many of them the game might as well be called Naughty Dog battle royale. and some others want sackboy which I don't know how that will work.

The differences from Super Smash brothers is that the backgrounds react within the gameplay to different random stages for example on the LBP map the scenario may be built up differently each time you play on that map. It has been said that there will be a campaign telling a story of how these universes have clashed together and what the heroes must do to change the universes back to normal. We see this in the multiplayer maps like in Metropolis from Ratchet and Clank where we see captain Qwark fighting a Hydra from God of War.

Unlike SSB, Battle Royale uses health bars rather than damage percentage and power ups which can build up after time to unleash the character special ability, there are 3 stages of special abilities, one creating more havoc after each level up. There is also a limit on the frames of the map so players don't have to endure the falling off the map crap that was used in SSB. Although the only similarity is that the game does feature pick up weapons.

Of course characters like Big daddy and  Cole MacGrath both come from multi-platform games, which I don't think is a problem for players, a similar approach was used in Super Smash Bros with the use of Sonic and Solid Snake.

New Super Smash Brothers
A new SSB has been announced by Nintendo but so far the only new has been on the producer of the product and the companies helping to make it says Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario. Miyamoto (who also created Kirby and the previouse SSB's games) is the lead designer  The game has not started development yet but it's been announced that Sora Ltd, Namco Bandai and Capcom are contributing towards this project.

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