Sunday, 15 July 2012

Introduction Post - Deadpool Game Announced!

Hello readers!
I am one of the newest members of the League. 
I am The Emerald Archer (Green Arrow) !

However by day I am a regular 18-year-old; an extremely huge gaming nerd, an aspiring writer/journalist and a music enthusiast. I also play in a band.
I spend most of my time either gaming on my PC, watching movies or reading a book/graphic novel.
I am also the biggest Legend of Zelda fan you will ever meet. Ever.

I am extremely looking forward to posting for this site, in which i'll most likely be keeping towards the gaming side of things -- as well as divulging into a book/novel/movie now and then -- be it reviews, news, or general opinions on things.

Now. News!

As you may have heard: Today an official Deadpool game was announced for consoles (PC version has yet to be confirmed) at San Diego Comic Con. 
The trailer included some awesome sarcastic dialogue from none other than Nolan North (Assassin's Creed, Arkham City's Penguin, Young Justice etc), as well as some brutal combat that included the trademark pistols and katana combo. 

A website has been put up advertising the game where the release date has been vaguely announced as "2013".
This is certainly a pleasant surprise to everyone but can High Moon Studios deliver? 
Let's hope the final game lives up to the mass amount of hype that it is sure to accumulate. 

Enjoy the one-liners! 


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