Monday, 16 July 2012

Just a quick Intro, yo.

Why hello there, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Blonde Banshee (I'm sure you can connect the dots and figure out which League member my nickname represents) and I'll be joining the team today.

This is only going to be a quick post to say hello and let you know a little bit about me, I am the resident "brony" here, although that does not mean I'll only be posting ponies. Trust me, I'm into other things too.

You can expect to see an artist feature from me, as I'd like to bring some unknown artists into the light. I've already got a few lined up and waiting, so you have those to look forward to as well as just a bit of pony news here and there, season 3 is on it's way after all.

Now since I don't want to blabber on too long, but I'd love to put a smile on your faces, do enjoy this lovely little ditty composed of lots of Star Wars clips!

Ta-ta for now, I'll see you in my first "official" post.


The Winged Warrior said...

Greetings Blonde Banshee! I know very little about Art and Ponies so look forward to your posts.
The Winged Warrior.

Blonde Banshee said...

Well hey there Winged Warrior, I'm glad I was able to pique your curiosity! I look forward to all your gaming news too.