Monday, 16 July 2012

New Firefly T.V special!

Like many Firefly fans, or "browncoats", when Firefly came to its sudden but inevitable end, we were all hungry for more. "Well now the wait is over!" Is what we heard in 2005, upon the release of the movie "Serenity" (a sequel of sorts to the series) and brilliant though it was, it left a lot of threads from the series dangling, and worse yet it flopped at the box-office, meaning very little chance of renewal for the show or a sequel to the film (although the latter is now being rumoured due to Joss Whedon's success with Avengers Assemble).

Well now the wait is over! Kind of. It was announced first that there would be a ten year Firefly reunion panel at this years San Diego Comic-Con, and not only is it the first time Firefly has a panel at SDCC, but it will also be filmed (and not just on a flip-cam from the crowd!). The Science Channel is going to show a one hour (roughly) special on the reunion, the show, and all that good stuff. It will show the panel, a round-table discussion after the panel, and other behind the scenes footage. 
The cast and crew attending the panel are: Joss Whedon (creator), Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Tim Minear (showrunner) and Jose Molina (writer).

The special is called "Browncoats Unite" and will air November 11th on Science Channel. I for one can't wait, it's not a new series, but it's a start!
Now some obligatory cheesy group shots:

And to finish... the Jayne hat!

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