Monday, 30 July 2012

Red Sun Comics & Collectables And Are Closing... Forever.

Hi all...

It is with deep sadness and great regret that we have to announce that Red sun Comics & Collectables in High Chelmer, Chelmsford, Essex, UK, and its web store are finally shutting down on the 11th of August 2012 (the web store probably before that) :(

Unfortunately even with our valiant attempt at re-opening in April after having shut for the first time (for the same reasons) in January the store simply cannot keep battling against the ever-growing overheads that a 3000 square foot superstore needs to survive in a down-turned economic climate and in a business where the products are primarily luxury in nature and not essential. People love geeky stuff, but they don't NEED geeky stuff, and although we did extremly well it just wasn't enough. As someone poignantly paraphrased Batman: The Dark Knight on our Facebook page today: "You were the shop we needed... but not the one we deserved", and that's hopefully the way people will think of Red Sun.

I'd like to say that various staff we've had over the past two years (just missing our 2nd birthday by less than 2 months!) made Red Sun what it is and it couldn't have worked without them, especially's very own Amazon Princess (Holly) who quite literally lives and breathes RS and everything it's done, supplied, and worked towards. Big thanks to her and everyone else who ever worked, helped out, visited, or bought at the store.

Unfortunately the entire company is shutting down so as mentioned above the site is also bowing out too. This means saying goodbye to our resident web-guy and much loved nutter (and KW's recent addition as "King of the Sea") Michael. All will be sorely missed and I'm sure those of you that have formed bonds with one or all of us will miss us as much as we'll miss you. The store has been a shiny, geeky, beacon since we opened and has brought people together, forged relationships, triggered love (once at least), and helped people come out of their shells, and this is something I'm personally very proud of, as well as everything else the company has done.

We've had some epic special events during our run and our guests, special attendees, and customers have all been awesome during each and every one. Big thanks to artists Lee Townsend (who has literally attended/signed at every event day we've had since opening day) and to Jack Lawrence who have both supported us heavily since we opened, along with the other awesome professional and amateur artists we've had. The Heroes Alliance UK, UK Cosplay, and the 501st are also owed big thanks. If I've missed you out I apologise, you're all loved and you know it.

So that's it, the Red Sun is finally setting for good. But will carry on, as it did before it was linked to Red Sun, hopefully forever... Goodbye to all! :(

Here are some memories of the good times Red Sun and all the staff had:

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Joseph said...

Oh damn and bugger. I knew this was coming but it still breaks the heart. If I could weep big man tears of money to buy more stock and keep you afloat I would but I can't but I weep for your passing all the same. Here's to the future and whatever it may bring and thank you for all the good times.