Monday, 16 July 2012

ten reasons you should love me

1. because i'm the scarlet speedster, and let's face it nothing bad has ever started with the word scarlet, i mean if i had one more t i could try and pass myself off as johansson, which if you readers are very lucky i will take pictures of

2. i read flashpoint and no i don't get what happened there either

3. if enough of you (oh who am i kidding anyone) petitions me i will buy and review any movie you want while drunk, i was thinking about starting with green lantern for this, mainly because i can't think of a worse movie off the top of my head

4. i will fix your love life, as long as your love life has something to do with comics

5. do you need a drinking partner? i WILL drink with you, promise

6. i read fear itself and no i don't get what happened there either

7. one time i chose the transformers movie over a girl, looking back on it i'm not sure i made the right choice though

8. i'm pretty good at making lists

9. one time i ate 28 pancakes in one sitting, you want proof? come round my house, bring some batter

10. honestly i'll keep you updated with any comic related news i find, and honestly if you have any suggestions of anything you might want me to do let me have it, i will try anything once, even if i do have to dress up like psylocke again


The Winged Warrior said...

Sold! Those are some awesome reasons...but please...go easy on the pancakes.

Scarlet Speedster said...

i'm really sorry but i can't promise anything, i may soon be the scarlet chubster