Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Now I could be I often am....however this film looks slightly stupid, a bit retarded and slightly offensive towards anyone from London.

Bearing in mind this is 2012, Cockneys only exist in Eastenders and other badly stereotyped programs/movies......hence the cast of The Only Way Is Essex talking like the inbred love-children of a Cockney and Sloth from Goonies. People just don't talk like this anymore unless they're a market trader hamming it up for tourists.

Anyway, apart from the badly stereotyped characters in the movie, it looks like a ripoff of Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz, and a little influence from Lock stock and two smoking barrels. As long as the influence is in homage to the films it could be ok, but a massive ripoff could just make it suck ass!!

Hey, I guess it could be good.....however I'm not holding my breath.......................Although Michelle Ryan may influence my decision to watch this after all.

Here's the trailer....make your own mind up.

And now, a little Michelle Ryan



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