Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crush Of The Week #24

Well Holy Hell it's been a busy and rough two weeks... I haven't posted much lately due to trying to get Red Sun shut down and emptied so apologies for my lack of content and of course the lack of boobs and butts created by the Crush of the Week!

This week I'm taking the safe route (next week it'll no doubt be movie related and therefore Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale for the Total Recall remake) but for now I present to you one of my long term crushes - Kelly Brook!

Ever since around 1999 - 2000 when Miss Brook appeared on the morning show: The Big Breakfast she's been in my top 5 all time hotties list. I turned the TV on last night and she was on The Jonathan Ross show promoting the new Keith Lemon movie and I knew she had to be my catch-up crush this week. She's been in many a movie over the last few years, the last one I saw being Piranha 3D (yikes!) but I think it can be safely said that Kelly Brook is a flawless beauty, more famous for her huge chest and perfect legs than anything else, and always looks 110% whether it be in a magazine, on TV, or in a crappy movie... Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I can only think of 2 reasons why people like her so much..