Monday, 20 August 2012

Crush Of The Week #25

This week's Crush Of The Week is...

Tom Hardy

My ovaries have already exploded from this picture alone.

Hardy started his acting career in a handful of well known TV series, lesser well known movies and the odd big-time movie.

Band Of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, Simon: An English Legionnaire

Star Trek: Nemesis alongside Patrick Stewart, The Reckoning and Layer Cake to name a few more.

Hardy continued down the TV route, starring in both multiple TV movies and mini-series. A particular stand out point (for me personally, at least,) was 2007's absolutely fantastic Cape Wrath (known as Meadowlands in the US). Cape Wrath was a TV mini-series which debuted on Channel 4 and ran for only one, eight-episode season. Hardy starred alongside the brilliant David Morrissey in the under-rated drama and excelled as creepy yet intruiging handyman Jack Donnelly.

Hardy starred in a few films such as The Inheritance and Sucker Punch (not the one you're thinking of!) as well as a rather beautiful turn as Bill Sikes in 2007's BBC's Oliver Twist series... Oh how I love a man in scruffy Victorian dress...

Oh goodness me.

Tom then hit the bigtime with Guy Ritchie's Rock'n'Rolla in 2008, playing Handsome Bob.

Before starring in the lead role of Nicholas Winding Refn's absolutely spectacular Bronson.

Hardy was not only huge but absolutely, pant-wettingly terrifying. 

Now, my appreciation of this film demands a whole other post (oh, its coming!) but all I can say is wow. If you didn't think much of Hardy as an actor previously, this film changes it all. While not to everyones tastes, his performance is undeniably phenomenal.

Hardy flitted back to television with a role in 2009's Wuthering Heights TV movie and the TV mini series, The Take

2010 bought about Hardy's role in Inception. Another utterly fantastic and mind-bending film.

If you've heard good things about this movie, thats because they're all one hundred percent true. I can't say anymore than just watch it. You can thank me later.

Following Inception, Tom starred in short Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother, 2011's Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy alongside movie legends such as John Hurt, Gary Oldman and the brilliant Mark Strong. Going fowards was Warrior, This Means War (alongside the equally aesthetically phenomenal Chris Pine... drool) and Lawless. Hardy's latest and possibly greatest role is that of Bane in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises. In playing Bane, Hardy excelled. Both physically and mentally terrifying, combining sheer brute force with a subtle, underlying menace, that led to a truly disturbing and brilliant performance.

We'll next be graced with Tom Hardy's presence in the upcoming Mad Max remake, Mad Max: Fury Road, directed and written by original Mad Max director/writer, George Miller. Hardy will be playing the title character and if it means he might be wearing an outfit similar to this...

Then holy hell. You know the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012? Its actually the day my ovaries explode and destroy all living creation due to Tom Hardy in leather trousers.


- He's one of very limited number of English crushes
- Looks good whether he's muscley or slim
- That mofo is BANE. BANE!
- His acting is beyond incredible
- He does that whole evil/psychotic thing very, VERY well
- DAT BEARD or alternatively DAT NO BEARD because he looks excellent with either option
- Did I mention his lips?
- His face in general?
- He seems like a total bad ass but also like he'd make you a cup of tea and give you a cuddle too (after beating someone to death)
- There are photos in existence of him with his hands down his pants
- That suave biatch has one of the nicest damn coats I've ever seen
- He is totally a dog person and that is SO CUTE
- He cried. On film. For an advert. MY OVARIES.
- The prospect of him in leather trousers
- Did you hear me?


Whats that you guys are watching? MY UTERUS IMPLODING!? OH I THOUGHT SO

Thats it Hardy, crush both Batman's knuckles and my ovaries


Obligatory Crying Shot;

Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you, the greatest OCS (Obligatory Crying Shot) ever to exist


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