Thursday, 30 August 2012

Delicious Deviant Artist #7

It was really hard to pick who out of my line-up I was going to feature this week as Delicious Deviant Artist, but after much deliberation, I’ve chosen to bring you the artwork of Eltis.

The first image I want to show you features a much more mature Miss Martian than I’m used to.  When I think of Miss Martian, I think Young Justice, so a cheerful, optimistic young woman with a cute haircut and freckles on her face normally comes to mind straight away, which means that seeing Miss Martian as she’s drawn above, is a little bit of a shock.  That’s not a bad thing though.  I love the painted style and the seriousness in Miss Martian’s expression, as I said before it brings her maturity that really suits her.  She’s still a beauty, we may have moved away from “cute” but she’s still pretty in a commercial way.  I also like the fact the green of her skin is rather faded, it makes her look a lot more realistic, it’s not so harsh as the bright green normally used for DC Martians.

The fact that Eltis has left the background so simple makes Miss Martian stand out beautifully and she instantly caught my eye as I was browsing through the full gallery.

For those of you that followed the cartoon series Avatar - The Legend of Aang/Last Airbender, but haven’t yet watched Legend of Korra, I highly recommend it.

I’m moving away from comic book geekery a bit here but I feel it’s well deserved with this image and the one to follow.  In the above picture we have the main character from the latest Avatar series, this is Korra, the avatar.  Her character is captured really well here, she looks just as stubborn and determined as she is in the show and the lighting in this is incredible.  One half bright, one half extremely dark, I’m not sure whether Eltis was aiming to reflect the show with one image, but she really has.  There is a very dark side to the show that cause Korra immense trouble and you can really feel it lurking in the shadows here.

Sailor Moon.  I’m not sure I even know anyone that hasn’t at least heard of her.  Okay she’s a manga and anime character, but she’s the best known Magical Girl character I can think of, she saves the world all the time and this picture is amazing, so I’m featuring it!

She’s posed as though she’s just finished her Magical Girl transformation and she’s making her cute little speech to the bad guy, but her face says she’s super serious and totally ready to kick some major butt.  I love that, the image manages to combine her childish nature with her more responsible identity and it’s done so well.

With the re-make of the Sailor Moon cartoon so close now I felt it was about time I used her as a top 3 feature at last, and I’m glad I chose this picture to do so, it’s breath taking.

If you liked any of the art featured above, you can check out Eltis’s Deviant Art gallery here, there's a lot more to look forward to there and I’ll bring you another fabulous artist next Thursday!

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