Thursday, 2 August 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists! #3

This week’s Delicious Deviant Artist should cater to a lot of peoples’ tastes, even the Deviant Artist’s username makes me smile.  I give you Crumbelievable…

The image above is a wonderful way to start today’s feature, I know a lot of people that read this blog are big fans of The Legend of Zelda franchise and I think Link’s expression in this scene really captures how some of us feel when we’re playing the games and stuck in some temple dungeon in the middle of nowhere.  I know I normally look like this while I’m trying to solve a particularly difficult puzzle because I have people tell me so.  Before pointing and laughing at the “constipated look” on my face.  Funny guys.  Really funny.

I’ve always loved puzzle games, but the Zelda series still manages to stump me at every corner I turn, so I can really relate to link in this picture.

I find the simple style charming and think it really draws out the shadows in the carvings and also manages to create a lovely warm glow around the lamp.  It still looks pretty cold down there with all those cavern-y bits though.  Gross.

Ponies?  What ponies?  I never said anything about ponies! …

Okay, you caught me, there’s a pony in this post.  But it’s totally worth it, is it not?  The picture above features a stunning Rarity threading her sewing needle, ready for a big, glamorous project.  I know she doesn’t look like a pony, but that’s because she’s a gijinka.  For those that don’t know what that means, gijinka is the Japanese (and most commonly used) term to describe a personified character that is not normally human.  This doesn’t mean “anthropomorphic” as anthros will generally still have some animalistic qualities, gijinkas are normally fully human.  There’s a fun fact of the day, huh?

This Rarity is one of the best pony gijinkas I think I’ve ever seen, her hair is spot on, her eyes are big and bright and her character is captured beautifully.  Good job Crumb, good job.

Oh my.  This guy really is Crumbelievable.  He found 2 of my weaknesses, ponies and Portal!  Excuse me while I hyperventilate over the greatness of this third picture.

Let me start off on this piece by saying; just look at Wheatley’s cute, little face!!  There, fangirling over.  Sort of.  I never understood before, and still don’t, how Portal manages to make machines so emotive, but you simply cannot deny that dear old Wheatley looks very chuffed with himself, going for a run with Chell.

The background on this piece is also pretty amazing, with Portal pictures, you can really have a lot to squish in to the background in order to make the image come together and although there’s a lot going on in the picture above, it doesn’t feel too cluttered and the whole thing is nicely balanced thanks to the way Chell has been posed.

I think I’ve fallen in love with this drawing.  It’s Wheatley’s little face, I’m telling you, it makes my heart melt!

I’ve actually blabbered on a bit longer than normal this week, which is unusual since I started writing this post without having a clue what I was going to say, but I’ll leave you with some more lovely examples of Crumbelievable’s art before I go and you can find his full gallery on his Deviant Art page here.

I’ll be back next week with another Delicious Deviant Artist.

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