Thursday, 9 August 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists #4!

I hope you like fun, fresh, cartoon art.  I know I do!  This week’s Delicious Deviant Artist feature is bringing you just that, as today’s artist is Chibi-PinkHeart.  Chibi’s style varies a lot, depending on exactly what the subject matter of the picture is, but this variety is thoroughly enjoyable and shows a great range of versatility.  I’ll get on with the pretty pictures now, shall I?

Now, I’m a huge Adventure Time fan, and my absolute favourite character is Marceline the Vampire Queen, so I adore this picture.  Not just because of the character featured, but the way she’s been posed, her expression, even the background.  Everything fits together beautifully.  Okay, the anatomy’s a bit off in places, but the picture feels light hearted and you can appreciate the talent of the artist still.

The expression on Marceline’s face in this picture, just makes me want to smile, it really exaggerates her cheeky attitude without being too over the top.  Love.  It.

Well look what we have here.  I found us another Disney lover.  Still, this picture isn’t girly so I’m going to hope you lads can enjoy today’s feature too!  I think this piece is incredible.  The title alone makes me laugh (Fuck the Police) as it captures the mood of the whole thing just perfectly.  The extremely cartoon style used in this piece gives it a nostalgic quality that takes you right back to your childhood.  I don’t know about you, but I just want to cheer Aladdin on!  GO ON, MY SON!

And also, those little guards in the background, how can you not find them amusing?

My last choice of main feature images this week is a glorious Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog.  I’m not super keen on the mouth, but pretty much every thing else in this picture sets my heart aflutter.  I think the posing is stunning and helps show off her gorgeous dress, and the way there’s just a bit of shine in the shading and some shimmer on the gown feels like the icing on the cake.  Nothing has been forgotten.

The background, again, fit’s the piece beautifully, it matches the theme and is very noticeable, but at the same time, it’s subtle enough not to drag your attention away from the main focus.

Below is just a taste of what else you’ll be able to see in Chibi-PinkHeart’s Deviant Art gallery, which you can find here.


I’ll bring you another Delicious Deviant Artist next week!  Until next time!

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