Thursday, 16 August 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists! #5

It’s Thursday again, which means another Delicious Deviant Artist for you lovely blog readers.  I’m quite please with the artist I’ve chosen to feature this week, meet ladyarrowsmith.

I really seem to have a habit of sniffing out Disney fans, don’t I?  The image above caught my eye not only because of the beautiful shading and the delightful details added to Aladdin and Jasmine’s clothing, but because of the colours.  The pale composition and simple background give it a softer look than most Aladdin fan art I’ve seen.  Normally you would expect to see rich golds and bright jewels in a piece like this but I really like the fact there’s only a subtle glint to Jasmine’s bling and the focus is therefore drawn more towards their expressions than what they’re wearing.

You can see the connection between the two of them, you can almost feel the romance in the air.  And isn’t that what Disney Films are all about?

Normally, I hate Jean Grey.  I don’t particularly like the character design, the outfits or her personality.  About the only costume of hers that I’ve ever liked is The Phoenix.  But even then, I’ve never found Jean herself interesting enough to browse through fanart or official galleries of her.  Then I came across ladyarrowsmith’s rendition of her.  The pose is incredible, it’s simple but still dynamic, she’s not standing still in this picture, she’s turning on her toes, she’s reacting to something.  I love when a picture successfully gives you a feel of the movement.

Jean’s expression also captivates me, it’s as though she’s about to say something to you and her eyes tell you it’s important, so you really want to know what she’s about to tell you.  If you follow the X Men comics and films, you could probably guess what she’s about to say from the background and her serious expression, which makes the image even more dramatic.  Stunning really.

Okay, now I’m really happy.  It’s very rare that I actually find any decent Lord of the Rings fan art.  It might be because it’s lost it’s novelty between the release of The Return of the King and the release of The Hobbit.  Or it might be because I’m just fussy.  But this illustration of Eowyn rocked my world.  Obviously she is stylised and the image isn’t realistic, but she really looks like Eowyn.  Even the smile is just right.  The simple background and shading are a nice touch, it gives the image a modernised medieval quality which is positively gorgeous!

If you enjoyed this week’s main three images or some of the six above from ladyarrowsmith’s gallery, I suggest you check out her Deviant Art page here for more wonderful works.

That’s all I have to say for now, I’ll bring you another Delicious Deviant Artist next Thursday!

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