Thursday, 23 August 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists! #6

Spoilt.  For.  Choice.  Seriously, this week’s Delicious Deviant Artist, Alicechan, made it so hard to choose just three images to write my feature on this week, but I finally narrowed it down, and I hope you enjoy my top three pictures from her gallery.

The first image I want to share with you today includes the whole Young Justice team.  Words just aren’t really enough to describe how much I love this picture.  As a huge fan of the show (mainly Wally) I was genuinely thrilled to find some epic fan art of the gang.  Alicechan has even included Red Arrow, and the symbolism of him turning his back to the rest of them - it’s just too poetic!  The shading is phenomenal and the colours are divine, but the things I love best about this image are the posing and expressions.  The way Kid Flash and Artemis are glaring at each other, don’t you just want them to kiss?  And Miss Martian’s bashful blush as she looks up at a brooding Superboy, captures each of those characters so perfectly.  Robin’s smirk is spot on and you even get a feel for Aqualad’s pride of being the leader of the group.

Before I move on to the next picture, I just have to say, LOOK AT WALLY’S MOUTH!  It makes me smile the second I look at it, that’s possibly the biggest pout I have ever seen.  Wally’s such a sulky knickers, and I LOVE it!

I know it’s Disney again, but at least it’s MANRY!  Hades from Hercules is one of my all time favourite Disney villains, he sounds sinister, he looks menacing, he’s charming, witty and downright sneaky, let’s face it, he’s just badass!  So when I find fan art of him, I’m normally pretty judgemental, it’s hard to get someone else’s style to live up to Disney’s standards when it comes to super villains, but I really think Alicechan has managed it here.  Hades is a lot less solid in this picture, he’s more wraithlike and shadowy which gives the image an edge of reality.  The pale background contrasts harshly with the deep shading of his robes and makes him stand out even though there’s no lining in the picture either, he’s just sort of whispy.  His face is thoughtful and scheming but the thing that I love most about this image is actually the face in his robes, staring out at the viewer, screaming silence.

Remember people, this guy takes your soul to the underworld and leaves it to rot in a pit, that’s pretty damn horrific.

Now, this picture’s a bit unusual for my top pic and I know not everyone will consider this nerdy in the same sense that most of the art I’ve featured has been, but this character is a classic.  I was blown away when I found this in Alicechan’s gallery.  I already had a favourite lined up that was centred around a comic book character, and then I saw HER.  She is the most beautiful bride I think I’ve ever seen.  Alicechan has done the hair so perfectly, it’s delicate and elegant around her face but the main bulk of it bursts away from her head in the shape of a paint splatter, with the shock of white streaking through it so harshly and the scribbles around the edges, she looks as though she has strolled straight out of a classic horror film.  The only real lines in this picture are on her face, exaggerating her long lashes and concerned features.  She’s stunning, a real masterpiece, but then as you look further down, she simply blends into the background.  Now, this might not have been the intention of the artist, but the way the Bride of Frankenstein fades at her hips like that reminds me of the fact her character is hardly ever thought of these days.  When people talk about Frankenstein at Halloween, they normally forget about his wife.  It’s like she’s faded into the background…

That’s all until next Thursday, I’ll bring you another Delicious Deviant Artist in a week.  In the meantime you can check out more artwork like the pictures above by visiting Alicechan’s Deviant Art gallery here.

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