Friday, 28 September 2012

Crush Of The Week #30

The big "30" on the old crush of the week eh? Wow. 

This week I present for your viewing pleasure the wonder that is Tulisa Contostavlos (or "Tulisha" as she's known in our house after one of the X-factor episodes, you know the one).

The stunning 24 year old singer from N-Dubz has gone from "that hot blonde from N-Dubz" to "on TV all the time megastar and darling of the nation" very quickly and has been on the TV and in the news a hell of lot recently too (X-Factor, dodgy sex-tape, new book, new music, etc) and she's my choice this week...

This lovely lady has the brains, the emotions, the strength, the face, and the body which makes her perfection and when life-like robot maids/helpers are invented in the near future mine will most certainly be a "Tulisa" model, or Katy Perry... One of the two. :P

Here are some pics to show you the sheer beauty Tulisa has in abundance. Enjoy. :)

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