Thursday, 13 September 2012

Delicious Deviant Artists #9!

This week’s Delicious Deviant Artist is a little unusual, although if you visit Fishiebug’s gallery it will tell you they’ve only been around for 5 months, I can tell you that this is a new account, although the old one didn’t seem to get as much appreciation as it deserved either.  I’ve had my eye on this particular artist for a while now and feel that for such a young artist, there’s an incredible amount of talent.

I’ve previously featured some other Marceline the Vampire Queen fan art but I wanted to bring this one into the spotlight for a long time.  Before I even started writing for this blog in fact, I just didn’t really have the means.  This was one of the first images of Marceline I ever saw, before I’d watched the show, and it was one of the reasons I actually sat down in front of an episode.

I love Marceline’s tough, tom-boy exterior in the show, she’s spunky and just a little bit mean, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have a softer side, which is shown really nicely in the above image.  You can really see her in more of a girly light as she plays her bass and sings a soulful tune, right from the heart.  The shading is splendid and I love that there’s no background, there is literally nothing to take focus away from Marceline and that’s perfect.

This piece hasn’t yet been moved to Bug’s new gallery, so I’ll link you to the older page in my summary later as well.

Beast Boy is possibly the most loveable Teen Titan EVER, amIright?  He’s just so full of CHEESE!  This image is wonderful, it’s simple, clean and the smile is just cheeky enough to make you want to smile too.

Again, there’s no background, only plain colour, which works really well for a lot of Fishiebug’s art and I really like the shadow, and this picture is amazing, I think the only possible thing that could ever make it better is if the shadow was shaped like an animal.  That could just be me fan-girling though.

Now, if you read my feature on a weekly basis, you’ll remember that last week I told you I’d be bringing you a bit of an obscurity today?  Well, here she is.  For those of you that don’t recognise her, she’s Japanese singing sensation Hatsune Miku, the anime avatar of a computer program known as a Vocaloid.  There are several different Vocaloids, each with their own anime persona, that are a huge hit in the J-Pop industry.  For robots, they don’t sound very robotic, but I for one, love them.

Miku is possibly the most popular Vocaloid character and there’s more than enough fanart out there to enjoy, but a lot of it looks very same-y, so I don’t normally feel the temptation to feature it.  Fishiebug has manage to put a spin on Miku that I really like, she’s not drawn in the ‘typical’ anime style that you would usually find and I like that.  Bug has used soft colours as well which is a nice change for Vocaloid fan art, you often see images that are either very bright, or very dark, which isn’t as easy on the eyes.

If you’d like to see more of Fishiebug’s work visit the new Deviant Art gallery here or check out the older works on the Anarkeru account here.

I need to go stock up on some more artists for future features, but I will be back next Thursday with another Delicious Deviant Artist, until next time!

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